Vegan Leather Coasters w/ Metal Edge (4 Pack): HOGWARTS HOUSE

Now Muggles and Wizards alike can decide which house they belong to with these fun coasters! No Sorting Hat required!



  • Set of 4 coasters 
  • Sizes:  4" x 4"
  • Colors:  Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Raw Hide, & Gray
  • Shape: Round or Square
  • Silver edging - Black underneath
  • Includes coaster holder
  • Offers the look and feel of genuine leather, while being nice to our cow friends


Our vegan leather products have the look and feel of real leather, but is actually a richly textured, synthetic material. Unlike leather, our vegan leather is water resistant, easy to clean, and durable enough for the rigors of daily use. We love that this is kind to our cow friends, while being able to fool most people into believing it's true leather hide.

**Cleaning Instructions**
To clean vegan leather items, use water and soap. It will not leave water spots. Alcohol works well on pen marks. Vegan leather does not absorb finger oil and is stain and water resistant.


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